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On Tuesday 4 December 2018, the Malgana people were formally recognised by the Federal Court of Australia as native title holders after a 20-year long legal process.

It was a great day for the Malgana people, and the location of the on-Country Court hearing at George Wear Park, Denham Foreshore, WA provided the perfect backdrop as the determination was handed down by Justice Murphy.

There was a lot of emotion during the proceedings which marks the beginning of a new phase for the Malgana people as native title holders.

To our dear Malgana family, when watching the video, we realise some of our old people passed are here in the video, so just a warning, even in the short time since the determination, there are elders who we have lost, their images and voices are captured here. It may be upsetting to some of you, but too, a wonderful thing to be able to hear them again, and hear them celebrate on the day.

You can watch the video here: