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Malgana and CSIRO Climate Project – cultural mapping workshop

In 2020 the NESP-CSIRO project team held a workshop with Malgana elders, rangers and board members to talk about research on Malgana Country and how we could work together in the future. The Malgana People at the meeting agreed to do work on climate change using maps and to create a seasonal calendar.

The Malgana People said they want to make sure that decisions are made the right way for all types of research. We heard Malgana People say that they want to use these tools to help Malgana people look after Country and talk with government, schools, tourists and businesses.

Malgana Elders, Rangers and MAC Directors talked about cultural protocols, mapping and the Malgana seasonal calendar. Rangers could listen to Elder stories about country and how it has changed over the years.

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