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Our Corporation currently has 9 Directors and almost 400 Members

Member forms and documents

MAC Membership application form

You must apply to become a member of the corporation. You should also remember that, if you submit a membership application during the notice period for an AGM or General meeting, the directors cannot approve the membership until after the meeting.

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Malgana Skills and Businesses form

Are you a Malgana person with skills or a business you want us to promote? By filling out this form, we will add your name and business to our skills and business register. This register will be shared with Stakeholders as a way of supporting our Malgana community.

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The MAC Rule Book

The Rule Book is the legislation and guiding document that governs how Malgana Aboriginal Corporation runs. Following the Rule Book carefully and diligently ensures we are maintaining good governance and doing things the right way.

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Other documents

If the document you require is not listed, please contact the corporation.