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About Us

On Tuesday 4 December 2018, the Malgana people were formally recognised by the Federal Court of Australia as native title holders after a 20-year long legal process. It was a great day for the Malgana people, and the location of the on-Country Court hearing at George Wear Park, Denham Foreshore, WA.

We want to see Country how it used to be.

The Malgana Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC was established as the official representative native title body corporation, elected by our Members. It is our responsibility to represent and manage the Native Title rights and interests of the Malgana people.

The Malgana people have maintained a traditional connection to country since time immemorial, with a vibrant living culture maintained through stories, spiritual connections to the ancestors and country, caring for and managing country and waters, and by passing on traditional knowledge through each generation. Malgana people have a strong connection to their land and waters through their traditional knowledge of its natural resources, the land and seascapes.

Our Strategic Plan is a guide for our vision and mission, with well thought out actions for achievement. At the foundations of these strategic goals are our values of connection, respect, healthy people, healthy country and culture. We have many opportunities, passionate Members and have developed collaborative partnerships with others that can support us work on projects that support our country and community.

Our Vision: Our connection is strong, our culture is alive and our country and people are thriving

Malgana Aboriginal CorporationBoard of Directors

Our vision, mission and values

We are the Custodians of our country and law, and we respect our past to build our future.


Our connection is strong, our culture is alive and our country and people are thriving.


Healthy people
Healthy country


To ensure a sustainable future where country and community are protected and cared for. Malgana people can come home to strong foundations, to meaningful opportunities and to safeguard the stories, customs and knowledge of our culture.