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The Malgana Ranger Program and what we do

Our Aboriginal Ranger Program is something that the Members and Corporation are incredibly proud of. This is because it not only provides a means for caring for country itself but also gets our people back on and connected to country. Our Rangers work on a variety of land and sea activities including seagrass restoration, land rehabilitation, research projects and much more.

The Ranger Program began in 2019 and is currently in our third phase of the program. The Ranger team undertake a range of training including certification of Conservation and Ecosystem Management, Aboriginal site works, Tourism (Aboriginal Heritage), drone training, arial surveying and much more.

Who are the Malgana rangers?

We are a team of five on-country Aboriginal rangers based in Denham. We have a strong traditional connection to the Malgana native title lands as well as the surrounding sea landscape and associated Islands. We collaborate with elders and community members who share a connection to country. We take pride in our work and aim to improve the cultural and natural values of our country.