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Cultural Heritage

Preserving our Cultural Heritage

The Malgana people have maintained a traditional connection to this area since time immemorial, with a vibrant living culture maintained through stories, spiritual connections to the ancestors and country, caring for and managing country and waters, and by passing on traditional knowledge through each generation. Malgana people have a strong connection to their land and waters through their intrinsic local knowledge of its natural resources and the land and seascape.

Malgana Aboriginal Corporation is the Registered Native Title Body Corporate, as elected by our Members. It is our responsibility to manage the Native Title rights and interests of the Malgana people. As a special place, both spiritually and ecologically, we have many Stakeholders that either is already, or may be considering doing work or projects in the Malgana areas. It is important that stakeholders engage respectfully and appropriately with the Malgana Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC on matters that affect our Country.

Stakeholders wishing to do work on Malgana country first need to consult with the Malgana Aboriginal Corporation. There are a variety of requirements and processes that should be followed, depending on the nature of the proposed works. This can often include a requirement for Heritage Agreements and Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs). When Heritage Surveys are required, we coordinate these through the engagement of heritage professionals and traditional owners. This process includes recording and management requirements of the cultural values existing on country that may be impacted by the proposed works.

Please contact us to talk to us about heritage surveys or monitoring – we look forward to hearing from you.